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Remote wake-up

Remote wake-up (RW.EXE) is a command-line utility that may reboot any network equipment equipped with a Wake-On-Lan (WOL) NIC adapter.

Wake-On-Lan is the generic name for the AMD "Magic Packet" technology. It's very similar to the PCMCIA modem "wake on ring" signal line. The basic idea is that the network adapter has a very-low-power mode to monitor the network for special packet data that will wake up the machine.

If you have critical servers and workstations on your LAN, you can monitor them and restart them remotely if they are shutdown... You only need to know the equipment MAC address (make a PING & ARP -a)... Then send a frame over the LAN using RW and that's all!


You must have an ATX 2.01 (or above) compliant power supply, and an ATX motherboard with a WOL connector. You must have a WOL-compliant network card with a WOL connector. An example is the 3Com Fast Etherlink XL PCI 3C905B-TX, but not the 3Com Fast Etherlink XL PCI 3C905B-TX-NM (non-managed).

Compare the WOL pin descriptions for your network card and for your motherboard. The must be identical; otherwise, your motherboard or power supply may be damaged.

Your BIOS must support WOL, and the WOL option in your BIOS setup must be enabled. If you don't see a WOL option, check the manufacturer of your motherboard for an updated BIOS. Your network card drivers must also support WOL; check with your network card manufacturer for the latest drivers.

Remote Wake-up - 1.3.2


Extract all files from the zip file to a folder on your computer (%windir% for example). Then open a command-line box and just launch the program.


RW syntax is very simple:

RW /m:adapter_address </?>


Switch Explain
/m:adapter_address Remote computer mac address (without any dash)
/? Shows help

Update History

Release 1.3.2 of 11/23/2002

  • RW is now using Indy network components.
  • Change support for command line options.

Release 1.2.1 of 04/15/2002

  • First public release posted on my web site.

Release 1.0 of 02/09/2002

  • Original version with help file and HTML documentation. Not published on the Internet.

License & Disclaimer

All files are copyright Patrick Garnier, 2002, 2003, 2004. This software is provided as is - no warranty is given as to its suitability for any purposes to which you may wish to put it.


Components & classes used by RW: TIdUDPClient (from Indy component suite 9.0.11) 1993-2002 by Chad Z. Hower (Kudzu) - Atozed Software and the Indy Pit Crew. 
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