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VNCINFO.EXE is a command-line utility which gives you the ability to get the information regarding the configuration of a remote VNC server. These information are the VNC distribution (Real, Tight or Ultr@), the name of the remote display, the RFB protocol version, the authentification type, the desktop geometry width and height, the bits per pixel coding type and the color depth.


Extract all files from the zip file to a folder on your computer (%windir% for example). Then open a command-line box and just launch the program.


The syntax to use VNCINFO.EXE from the command line is:

VNCINFO.EXE /h:hostname </p:port> </v:vncpassword> </?>

where :

Switch Explain
/h:hostname "hostname" is a remote computer name
/p:port "port" is the remote TCP port where VNC server is listening
/v:vncpassword "vncpassword" is the remote computer VNC password
/? Shows help

Note: If port is omitted then VNCINFO.EXE will assume port 5900 (default VNC server port) for any connection. If the VNC password is omitted then you will be prompted to enter it.


c:\vncinfo /h:myhost /p:5901

Will check computer called "myhost" on port 5901 and will prompt for the vnc password.

Update History

Release 1.1.1 of 05/06/2006

  • VNC protocol versions updated.

Release 1.1.0 of 12/11/2003

  • First public release posted on my web site.

License & Disclaimer

All files are copyright Patrick Garnier, 2002-2006. This software is provided as is - no warranty is given as to its suitability for any purposes to which you may wish to put it.

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