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VNC Manager

The original VNC Manager. A free VNC server TCP scanner.

The original VNC Manager is a free VNC server TCP scanner. It's intended to automatically discover any host running VNC Server on a given TCP/IP network.

VNC (Virtual Network Computing) is a complete remote control solution. It's a freeware of AT&T Research Labs. The client and server of this suite are available for many computing system. It's also possible to use a web browser as client to connect a VNC Server. Before connecting a server you must know it's name or it's IP address. VNC Manager gives you the ability to find out all host running VNC Server on your network. This software is designed for network administrators which want to use VNC more easily.

VNC Manager was first released in March 2000 and its design didn't change that much since that time. Please note that VNC Manager is no more under development. So it was left on my web site for people who like it but there will be no new version of VNC Manager in the near future...

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