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VNC Neighborhood

VNC Neighborhood. A free VNC server TCP scanner. It uses Microsoft Windows Networking browsing features to locate computers over the network through Microsoft Windows domains and workgroups

VNC Neighborhood is a free VNC server TCP scanner. It uses Microsoft Windows Networking features to locate computers in Microsoft Windows domains and workgroups. If you need to find and control non Windows hosts you can still use VNC Manager.


Windows XP SP2 users should read this!


VNC Neighborhood features:

  • RealVNC 4.xx Viewer Free Edition basic support
  • Scan your network for VNC computers
  • Install* VNC to remote NT/2K/XP/2K3 computers
  • Manage computer system settings using the MMC interface*
  • Start and stop remote VNC services*
  • Connect to VNC servers with external viewer or web browser
  • Reboot remote computers*
  • Lock remote computers*
  • Ping remote computers
  • Get VNC server information on remote computers
  • Find who is logged into remote computers*
  • Connect to Windows file shares on remote computers*
  • and so much more...

The Tools tab will give you the flexibility to customize VNC Neighborhood! It will surely fit all your needs, if not make a wish here!

A bug has been identified with version 1.1.8 where it wasn't possible in some case for users to get the Windows domain list appearing correctly. This issue has been corrected. Thank you for your help!

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