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Random password generator with Javascript

A simple script to create random passwords. I'm sure the most difficult will be to remember the password!

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Only use lower case letters (more easier to remember)?

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Here's the code:

<script language="JavaScript">
var today=new Date();
var jran=today.getTime();

function random() {
	jran = (jran*ia+ic) % im;
	return jran/(im*1.0);

function rand(number) {
	return Math.ceil(random()*number);

function makearray(n) {
	this.length = n;
	for (var i = 1; i <= n; i++) this[i] = 0;
	return this;

var asciitable = new makearray (128);
for (var i=0;i<=127;i++) asciitable[i]="";
asciitable[33]="!"; asciitable[34]="\""; 
asciitable[35]="#"; asciitable[36]="$";
asciitable[37]="%"; asciitable[38]="&"; 
asciitable[39]="'"; asciitable[40]="(";
asciitable[41]=")"; asciitable[42]="*"; 
asciitable[43]="+"; asciitable[44]=",";
asciitable[45]="-"; asciitable[46]="."; 
asciitable[47]="/"; asciitable[48]="0";
asciitable[49]="1"; asciitable[50]="2"; 
asciitable[51]="3"; asciitable[52]="4";
asciitable[53]="5"; asciitable[54]="6"; 
asciitable[55]="7"; asciitable[56]="8";
asciitable[57]="9"; asciitable[58]=":"; 
asciitable[59]=";"; asciitable[60]="<";
asciitable[61]="="; asciitable[62]=">"; 
asciitable[63]="?"; asciitable[64]="@";
asciitable[65]="A"; asciitable[66]="B"; 
asciitable[67]="C"; asciitable[68]="D";
asciitable[69]="E"; asciitable[70]="F"; 
asciitable[71]="G"; asciitable[72]="H";
asciitable[73]="I"; asciitable[74]="J"; 
asciitable[75]="K"; asciitable[76]="L";
asciitable[77]="M"; asciitable[78]="N"; 
asciitable[79]="O"; asciitable[80]="P";
asciitable[81]="Q"; asciitable[82]="R"; 
asciitable[83]="S"; asciitable[84]="T";
asciitable[85]="U"; asciitable[86]="V"; 
asciitable[87]="W"; asciitable[88]="X";
asciitable[89]="Y"; asciitable[90]="Z"; 
asciitable[91]="["; asciitable[92]="\\";
asciitable[93]="]"; asciitable[94]="^"; 
asciitable[95]="_"; asciitable[96]="`";
asciitable[97]="a"; asciitable[98]="b"; 
asciitable[99]="c"; asciitable[100]="d";
asciitable[101]="e"; asciitable[102]="f"; 
asciitable[103]="g"; asciitable[104]="h";
asciitable[105]="i"; asciitable[106]="j"; 
asciitable[107]="k"; asciitable[108]="l";
asciitable[109]="m"; asciitable[110]="n"; 
asciitable[111]="o"; asciitable[112]="p";
asciitable[113]="q"; asciitable[114]="r"; 
asciitable[115]="s"; asciitable[116]="t";
asciitable[117]="u"; asciitable[118]="v"; 
asciitable[119]="w"; asciitable[120]="x";
asciitable[121]="y"; asciitable[122]="z"; 
asciitable[123]="{"; asciitable[124]="|";
asciitable[125]="}"; asciitable[126]="~";

function nchar(num) {
	if ((num>=33) && (num<=127)) return asciitable[num];

function doit() {
	var i;
	var n;
	var s = "";
	if (document.gen.simple[0].checked==false) {
		for (i=1;i<=8;i++) {
			while (n<=32) n = rand(126);
			s = s + nchar(n);
	else {
		if (document.gen.psimple[0].checked==true) {
			for (i=1;i<=8;i++) {
				while ( (n<=47) || 
                                        ((n>=58) && (n<=96)) || 
                                        (n>=123))  n = rand(126);
				s = s + nchar(n);
		else {
			for (i=1;i<=8;i++) {
				while ( (n<=47) || 
                                        ((n>=58) && (n<=64)) || 
                                        (n>=123) || 
                                        ((n>=91) && (n<=96)))  
                                        n = rand(126);
				s = s + nchar(n);
	document.gen.result.value = s;

You can just cut and paste this code into your web page.

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